Lahana - The Cabbage Router

Javvad Malik made a brilliant Lahana intro video! Check it out here!

For end users

Lahana provides an easy way to connect to an almost unlimited supply of VPNs in order to bypass censorship. Lahana does not promise to be more private than your current Internet connection (see risks) but tries to help bypass basic Internet restrictions. Lahana is based on the kindness of others and always will be free to connect to.

For technical people

Lahana is a tool that allows people to quickly and easily deploy a VPN to Tor bridge enabling people to set up connections to the unfiltered Internet and Tor darknet for the purposes of bypassing censorship. Lahana uses the Amazon EC2 free tier to provide connectivity from around the world.

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Find and connect to a Lahana node.
Create a Lahana Node
Help others bypass censorship.
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