How to connect to a Lahana node (iPhone)

You should consider setting up your own Lahana node if you can. You can find a list of public nodes worth trying on Reddit. Please consider adding yours.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you understand how to stay safe when using Lahana before you go ahead.


On your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> VPN and click “Add VPN Configuration”.

L2TP Settings

Select “L2TP”, add a description.

If someone has given you a username, password, secret and host, enter the username into the Account field, add the password into the Password field and secret into the Secret field. Make sure “Send All Traffic” is on and “Proxy” is off. Click Save on the top right.

If you have set up your own Lahana node then the information you need can be found in the file. The secret is called IPSEC_PSK in the file.

If you don’t have a username, password, secret or host, a list of active nodes to use can be found here.

Connection Dialog

Start the VPN connection by tapping the On button. It should connect perfectly first time.

If you configured your own node and it doesn’t work it doesn’t, make sure the username, password and secret match the server settings used when setting up the node and that the Security Group settings from the node howto are correctly configured.

If you’re using someone else’s node, make sure everything was entered correctly and try again. If that doesn’t work, contact the node owner and let them know about your problems, or try a different node.

Using Tor

To make sure everything works, visit Tor. You should see a screen like the one above. If you don’t, DO NOT USE THIS VPN - start again from scratch with a new instance.

Make sure that you use encrypted protocols such as HTTP/S - Tor can be a little dangerous, please use it safely.

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